Glenn R. Roderman is a Doctor of Jurisprudence Law graduate of Stetson University, characterized by accumulating thousands of positive comments from each of his clients regarding his work with them. Many define their person as extremely responsible, with very human compassion, added to extraordinary warmth Domestic violence lawyer and intuition.

In addition to having impressive qualities, he also has 40 years of work experience that make him by far the best Lawyer for domestic violence in the State of Florida.
Fulfilling his commitment to people in Florida as a long-time excellent Domestic violence attorney, he knows perfectly well the problems present on this site and the countless false cases of domestic violence that occur daily.
Being a specialist in any trial of stalking, harassment and aggravated harassment, assault, and aggravated assault, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, spousal abuse, excessive corporal punishment, and reckless recklessness, he is always ready to render his services to the community.
Considering that the State of Florida is one of the places where many inconveniences of this type appear and that it is not a requirement to have a court order to arrest a person accused of domestic violence, Roderman, tries to ensure the morality of their clients and take care that those unfair demands do not cause even more serious damages such as a deprivation of liberty.
The establishment of a criminal record on the person’s resume, or restraining orders, thus protecting the legal rights of your clients.
This is why hiring a good Domestic violence lawyer is a great responsibility and concern that implies total trust and certainty of the intellectual capacities that the chosen representative may possess. Roderman, for his part, offers in addition to each of his personal qualities to carry out his work, a very affordable price, permanent availability and a free evaluation of each case to be developed.
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