WebDiligentes is a legal correspondent site (site de correspondente juridico) that offers many further to every its users. Lawyers or registered feat firms create this website that has its give access section updated.

It has been intended and meant by lawyers for lawyers where you can find extra lawyers throughout the national territory. They have SSL encryption, which is a global standard in security technology, and they separate from their database upon a dedicated server (DBaaS).

It has the best security systems for that reason that the professional and personal data of every its clients are protected. This is a great advantage because they protected you from cyber attacks and hackers that want to conduct yourself the website.

You will have the opportunity to locate professional, skilled, and certified lawyers in other cities without rejection your workplace. They allow air encourage and they are furthermore certainly answerable for their work.

As a corresponding lawyer (advogado correspondente), you can have good assistance such as:

Higher other income
Relations and networks
Freedom of schedule
Great operate experience

To be a true correspondent (correspondente jurdico), you have to register; it is a simple procedure that will consent a few minutes. You will obsession a little patience to perfect the mandatory fields requested by the website.

They give two plans for you to choose the one you bearing in mind best, you can choose in the company of the easy clear Plan. The Premium scheme is more complete, and you must cancel a monthly fee. It is a secure website that offers data protection, agility, security and can keep keep and time.

If you want to find a corresponding lawyer (advogado correspondente), WebDiligentes is the best answer for you. Visit the website and get more suggestion nearly the assist offered by this portal. You can as a consequence follow them on their social networks; they are upon Facebook and Linkedin.

If you have any questions, you can right of entry the profound preserve staff through WhatsApp or by email, from 9 am to 6 pm. The staff is always willing to back up every their customers.