Integrated inventory through Accounting keeps you at the top of auditing your company earnings. The field workers must bring their free lists. When the field worker receives the item on a site of the Customer, the back office will be informed, and the inventory will be changed automatically.

Job Time Tracker

Time is money, yeah it is money. When will field workers arrive at a customer location? Too much time has spent on traveling and beginning the actual job? Both of these are automatically measured using the EyeOnTask mobile app. The defining aspect of the EyeOnTask application is that the field staff will only keep one job running at a time & only the hours spent on that task will be measured, meaning that all critical hours that are accountable to the Customer completed on the job. You can quickly convert time monitored on jobs into invoices & shareable reports which keep your customers & back office up-to-date. These relevant location stamps also captured along with a successful Work time tracker with travel & work timing alerts. Additionally, the EyeOnTask admin dashboard allows you to monitor whether your field force will join in time, or whether you choose all those automatically captured on other job updates.

Try for yourself & see the power of the time tracking by Field Service Management Softwareas we reiterate “Time is Money.”

Job Dispatching

The intuitive & real-time Dispatching App of Field Service Management Software from EyeOnTask comes with energy-packed apps to create a job order & dispatch this to the field workers in just two clicks in seconds. Obtain a customer message, establish a work order, assign it to fieldworkers and inform them within a second. Executing was never before that simple as it would be with Field Service Technology from EyeOnTask.You will be alerted as a field worker once there is a new position for you & the fieldworker would also be pleased to see all the specifics about the job he/she expected to do.